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Certified Piedmontese

CP3272224 Piedmontese 75/25 Ground 6/5 lb Certified Piedmontese
CP00800 Piedmontese Flat Iron Stk  8 oz Certified Piedmontese
CP00800 Piedmontese Hanging Tender Certified Piedmontese
CP5282424 Piedmontese Hot Dogs 4-1 Certified Piedmontese
CP12141 Piedmontese Inside Skirts Certified Piedmontese
CP32823 Piedmontese 6oz Ground Beef Patties Certified Piedmontese
CP3272324 Piedmontese 75/25 Ground Beef Patties Certified Piedmontese
CP10006 Piedmontese Beef Cheek Meat Certified Piedmontese
CP2282114 Piedmontese Beef Sticks  1 oz – Original Certified Piedmontese
CP2282124 Piedmontese Beef Sticks 1 oz – Jalapeno Certified Piedmontese
CP2719134 Piedmontese Biltong 2 oz – Garlic and Herb Certified Piedmontese
CP2719114 Piedmontese Biltong 2 oz – Original Certified Piedmontese
CP2719124 Piedmontese Biltong 2 oz – Spicy Certified Piedmontese
CP87878 Piedmontese BNLS Short Ribs Certified Piedmontese
CP18012 Piedmontese Bnls Strip Loin Certified Piedmontese
CP12001 Piedmontese Brisket Certified Piedmontese
CP012013 Piedmontese Brisket Points Certified Piedmontese
CP11616 Piedmontese Chuck Flap Certified Piedmontese
CP11405 Piedmontese Clod Heart Certified Piedmontese
CP18442 Piedmontese Culotte Certified Piedmontese
CP4930114 Piedmontese Flank 8 oz Certified Piedmontese
CP57920 Piedmontese Flat Iron – Cs Certified Piedmontese
CP2691134 Piedmontese Jerky  3oz – Hickory Certified Piedmontese
CP2691144 Piedmontese Jerky 3 oz – Bold and Spicy Certified Piedmontese
CP2691154 Piedmontese Jerky 3 oz – Teriyaki Certified Piedmontese
CP167110 Piedmontese Knuckle Peeled Certified Piedmontese
CP11231 Piedmontes B/I Short Ribs Certified Piedmontese
CP99999 Piedmontese Lipon Ribeye Certified Piedmontese
CP011255 Piedmontese Meaty Back Ribs Certified Piedmontese
CP10004 Piedmontese Oxtails Certified Piedmontese
CP4100014 Piedmontese Stew Meat  1 lb Certified Piedmontese
CP50500 Piedmontese Tenderloin PSMO Certified Piedmontese
CP12121 Piedmontese Tomahawk Certified Piedmontese
CP18422 Piedmontese Top Sirloin Center Cut DND Certified Piedmontese
CP12345 Piedmontese Steak Ready Flat Iron Certified Piedmontese
CP90900 Certified Piedmontese 85/15 Ground     1 lb Certified Piedmontese
CP123456 Certified Piedmontese Flank Certified Piedmontese

Grass Fed/Finished

BL020100 Angus Pure Grass Fed  Ground 1 lb Retail Angus Pure
BL058724 Anguspure Flank Steak Angus Pure
BL020502 AngusPure Grass Fed Tenderloin 8 oz Each Angus Pure
BL058202 Anguspure Strip Loin Angus Pure
BL020509 Grass Fed Tenderloin Tails Angus Pure
BL58306 Angus Pure Beef Coulotte Angus Pure
BL20144 Angus Pure Grass Fed Patties 3/1 Angus Pure


WP50714 Prime 14 oz Ribeye  
WPBFL007 Prime Ribeye Lip On  
WPBETE008 Prime Tenderloin  
SM140510 Prime Tenderloin Tails  
WP22500 Prime NY Strip 12 oz  


Blab8217 Wagyu(AUS) Ribeye MS 3  
BL003585 Wagyu(AUS) Strip Loin (MS7)  
BL38971 Wagyu(Aus) Strip Loin 5  
BL008241 Wagyu(Australian) Flank ms 4  
BL056031 Waygu Tomahawk Chop ms 3 – Case  
BL058913 Wagyu(Aus) Coulette Steak  8-9 oz  
BLRV8301 Wagyu(Aus) Inside Skirts  
BL58896 Wagyu(Aus) Porterhouse 24 oz  
MR57500 Morgan Ranch 14 oz Ribeye Classic Selection Morgan Ranch
MR57980 Morgan Ranch Bone In Strip Morgan Ranch
MR90550 Morgan Ranch Cowboy Steak Morgan Ranch
MR40480 Morgan Ranch Private Reserve Filet – 8 oz Morgan Ranch
MR80900 Morgan Ranch Private Reserve Wagyu Ribeye Steaks Morgan Ranch
MR80800 Morgan Ranch Private Reserve Wagyu Strip Steaks Morgan Ranch
MR50750 Morgan Ranch Ribeye Private Selection Morgan Ranch
MR55200 Morgan Ranch Sirloin Filet Private Selection 8 oz Morgan Ranch
MR50780 Morgan Ranch Sliced Wagyu Beef Pucks Morgan Ranch
MR87800 Morgan Ranch Tenderloin Primal – Classic Morgan Ranch
BL22600 Morgan Ranch Wagyu Chuck Short Ribs Morgan Ranch
MR90550 Morgan Ranch Wagyu Cowboy Steak Morgan Ranch
MR10010 Morgan Ranch Wagyu Filet  8 oz Morgan Ranch
MR20250 Morgan Ranch Wagyu Flank – Private Selection Morgan Ranch
MR22500 Morgan Ranch Wagyu Naval Short Ribs Morgan Ranch
MR80800 Morgan Ranch Wagyu Strip Loin 6/7 Morgan Ranch
BL008212 Wagyu Flat Iron (AUS)  
BL38271 Wagyu Ribeye (Aust) 5+  
BLSB8249 Wagyu Short Rib Aus (MS 4-5)  
RV4845 Wagyu Sirloin Flap/Bavette MS9 Ranger Valley
BL058902 Wagyu Sliders 8-1 (Aus)  
BLsb6202 Wagyu Strip Loin (Aus) MS 6/7  
BLRV3817 Wagyu Striploin (Aus) MS9  
BL58992 Wagyu(aus) Beef Patties 2-1  
MR50800 Canoe Cut Wagyu Marrow Bones – Morgan Ranch 3/10 lb Morgan Ranch
SM180317 DR Wagyu Flat Iron Durham Ranch
SM190802 DR Wagyu Ribeye Gold (6/7) Durham Ranch
DR80252 DR Wagyu Ribeye MS 3/5 Durham Ranch
SM190802 DR Wagyu Strip Loin Gold (6/7) Durham Ranch
BL058999 Ground Wagyu(AUS) 4/2.5 lb  
BL50555 Wagyu (Aus) Flank MS 4/5  
BL82180 Wagyu Aus BNLS Short Rib  
BL058998 Wagyu Aus Ground 1 lb  
BK08208 Wagyu Aus Tenderloin (3)  
BL58973 Wagyu Aus Tenderloin Tails  
BL058990 BL Wagyu Hotdog 5/1  2/5lb Broadleaf


SM342100 Veal Cheeks 3 oz – 10 lb